When I was young,
No bigger than a bung,
Swimming in Momma's tum,
I was.
Momma she drank, smoked
And blew blokes.
That's how I was born:
Off a married old yoke
Whose name I do not know
Because they fucked at hello.
Fast forward three years
And I'm doing fine:
I've grown up, been moved,
And I'm having a much better time.
But while academically increasing,
I was socially stagnant,
Though everyone said I was fine
And were adamant
That I would grow up to be grow up to be great.
What a waste.
Throughout school I was alone,
Though the room was not prone
To just being me, so
I became a mirror.
I reflected, I imitated,
But I never really understood
What it was I was doing it for.
Real life was such a bore.
I wanted there to be more.
But there wasn't.
Then I was shown porn,
In the hallway of my high school,
And gazed more at the boys who thought themselves cool
Than the video they watched with a mouth full of drool.
After that I moved again
Following a year of mistreatment by peers
Left me holding back tears,
Until no longer!
I got out and made a new start
But reclusiveness and distrust had formed a line of conga
With anxiety, depression and something else.
That something else is known to me,
But I dare not use its name
For without a writ of medicine,
My use of the word is in vain.
If I was stupider, and louder
Maybe they'd take me seriously.
But because I know my A,B,Cs
And know the consequences of dreams,
I'm too much to be what I am.
And I am what I am.

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