Hello and welcome to my blog on photography, political and social commentary, along with poetry and fiction work

The current time is 2:12am, however when I started this it was 1:52am: it's 2:17am and I'm still doing this — 2:22...I could, and probably will go on. I am Kenneth Clayden, I am 20 years old and a logophile. I have always had a passion for both words and images, I think mostly because of the fact that both can be used to create worlds, and stories within those worlds: they allow you to get intimate with someone you don't know — like that person on the street that you'll never see again, and it makes permanent, experiences you (or I) might forget. Other than this blog I have a YouTube channel, which can be viewed at any time via the link here. The vlogs and other content I create there are much more personal I think — although some might argue my poems, and the themes they express are themselves just as personal — detailing some of my mental health problems, my autism, along with goings on in my day. Other than that the videos are bits of fun: like watching me dance for a little bit, or singing a song I wrote — and this blog combined with that could, I guess, be seen as a sort of portfolio by which the world can judge me.

Anyway I hope you'll stay, enjoy the posts I make, and comment on them. I love reading and interacting with any comments I receive.